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Celebrating Senior Move Manager’s Week


The National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) has declared May 12-18, 2019 National Senior Move Managers Week. During this recognition week, NASMM and NASMM members around the US, Canada, Europe and Australia are promoting the value of Senior Move Management and Senior Move Managers’ commitment to assisting older adults and their families with later lifestyle transitions.  

Senior Move Managers assist adults and their families with both downsizing to remain in their current home, as well as the entire process of moving to a new residence. Senior Move Managers specialize in helping their clients with the emotional and physical aspects of sorting through a lifetime of memories in the transition process, while providing them with effective options and resources to increase efficiencies and reduce stress. The theme of this year’s celebration, “Service with Purpose,” underscores the dedication, compassion, commitment, and unique skills Senior Move Managers® offer their clients and families throughout the downsizing, relocation or aging in place process. 

“For adults who have lived in their homes for 30 or 40 years, it’s more than just a move. Most older adults making this type of transition need to downsize considerably,” said Kathy Checke, Certified Senior Move Manager and Owner of Checklist, LLC.  “The organizational and physical tasks – whether you are moving or downsizing to stay in the home – can be overwhelming. Families need a professional to provide them with the necessary tools essential to reduce the stress that can accompany this type of move – and that’s exactly what we do!”

According to Mary Kay Buysse, Executive Director of NASMM, “Senior Move Managers® have significant expertise, resources and approaches to save time, money, reduce stress and produce quality results. Services are client-centered and personalized to meet the client’s needs, providing an expertly managed, compassionate and affordable move.

Checklist, LLC based in Mahwah, NJ, serves clients in Bergen County, NJ and Rockland County, NY and has been a member of NASMM since 2009.   For more information, please visit our website at or contact us by email or phone 201-783-5183.

Founded in 2002, The National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) is a not-for-profit, professional association of organizations dedicated to assisting older adults and their families with the physical and emotional demands of downsizing, relocating, or modifying their homes.  As the only professional association of it’s type devoted to helping the rapidly increasing 55+ population with middle and later lifestyle issues, NASMM’s 900-plus members are committed to maximizing the dignity and autonomy of all older adults.

NASMM is internationally recognized for its innovative programs, leadership and expertise on issues related to Senior Move Management, aging in place, and transition and relocation issues affecting older adults. Before achieving full general membership, all NASMM members must show proof of insurance and must pass four competency classes. Additionally, all NASMM members sign and adhere to the NASMM Code of Ethics, and agree to the guidance and oversight of NASMM’s Ethics Compliance Commission.

For more information on Senior Move Management or NASMM, visit or contact NASMM directly at 877.606.2766 or

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Checklist LLC Receives NASMM Diamond Society Recognition

Diamond Society logo

Checklist LLC has been elevated to the Diamond Society level of the National Association of Senior Move Manager’s (NASMM) prestigious Circle of Service. The Diamond Society designation is bestowed on Senior Move Management companies that have been a NASMM member, in good standing, for a minimum of ten years, and have shown consistent dedication and support of the Association and the Senior Move Management profession.

“NASMM members receiving an invitation to the Diamond Society is a demonstration of a company achieving an exceptional level of experience and expertise,” said Mary Kay Buysse, NASMM’s Executive Director. “Checklist, LLC has been instrumental in the development of the Senior Move Management industry and has worked to increase professionalism, credibility and visibility of this emerging senior service.”

Checklist, LLC joins 130 elite Senior Move Management companies from across the United States and Canada that have been inducted into NASMM’s Diamond Society. The 2019 awards ceremony took place during the National Association of Senior Move Managers 2019 Annual Conference in San Diego, CA.

Checklist, LLC is located in Mahwah, NJ and serves clients in Bergen County, NJ and Rockland County, NY and has been a member of NASMM since 2009.

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Checklist, LLC Receives Recognition Award For NASMM’s Circle Of Service

Circle of Service

The National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) is the leading membership organization for Senior Move Managers in the United States, Canada and abroad. NASMM is recognized for its innovative programs and expertise related to Senior Move Management, transition and relocation issues affecting older adults. NASMM members represent the most qualified and capable Senior Move Managers in this growing profession. For more information contact NASMM at 877-606-2766 or Visit the NASMM website at

Checklist, LLC has been an active member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers since 2009. This organization began about 10 years ago and was created by 12 original founders who had been overwhelmed with their family situations and realized how little assistance there was in this area. The association began as a platform to share information and find solutions facing seniors and their families faced with transitions due to issues raised as a result of the aging process. It now has more than 700 members; independent businesses dedicated to helping with the emotional and physical needs of moving in later years. Each year, the association recognizes those companies who have achieved a certain level of experience and expertise. Checklist attended the convention this year in San Diego and was proud to receive this recognition. We hope to continue to learn and pass on our valuable experiences to our clients and their families and to educate others who may expect to experience a need in the future to better prepare.

If you or your organization would be interested to learn more about senior move management, let us know. We are happy to present and share what we have learned! Our past presentations have been well-received!

For more information about NASMM, go to