About Us

Like many of you today, I was left alone to handle the affairs of both my parents when they became ill and passed on.  The time and energy to tend to the needs of a loved one who is ill, to take care of chores they can no longer handle, and coordinate changes and responsibilities as they arise can be very demanding and emotionally stressful. On top of that, most of us also have responsibilities of our own: homes, jobs, family.

Luckily, my relationships with each of my parents was good and geographically I was able to be close to them when they needed me.  But, in many cases, the stress and increased responsibility can threaten our own health and strain relationships. That is why this business seemed so important to me. I had a long career in the corporate world gaining an education in communications, business ethics and computer and general business skills.  I am a long-time volunteer assisting those in need, particularly the sick and elderly in my community. I recognized the need for a service to aid our seniors with the dignity they deserve and also help relieve some of the burden their situation may have on the family.

The organization of senior move management as an industry and the training that was available to me confirmed this is a field I am proud to be part of.  I am a certified senior move manager and our growing team consists of professionals in moving, packing, organization, design, and more.

It is our goal to provide compassionate, efficient and professional assistance to make your life better! 

We understand what you are facing....we have been there and have compassion and experience working with senior adults and their families.

The knowledge, training and skills of our people can help guide you through this stressful time.