Our Services

Each situation is as unique as the individual we are assisting and each plan is customized according to our client’s needs and wants. Most of our clients prefer to take advantage of the full service…others pick and choose the options they need extra help with. Our available services include:

  • Evaluation of current situation and recommended plan for change
  • Solutions to your unique issues
  • Organizing; Re-organizing household items and paperwork
  • Sorting, packing/unpacking
  • Distribution, disposal and/or donation of household items
  • Move supervision
  • Coordination with family members & outside services as needed
  • Shredding of accumulated paperwork
  • Floorplan/space planning for your new home
  • Management of utility cancellations/startups
  • Change of address notifications
  • Estate liquidation

Whether you are planning a move or just want to de-clutter your current home, it starts with an in-home consultation to introduce ourselves, our business and how we can help you in your individual needs.

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Personal Organizing

Did you know?

The average household purchases 13,000 bags of stuff in a year.

On average, a woman spends 55 minutes each day searching for things.

80% of what we keep we never use.

Americans use 14 billion plastic shopping bags annually.

80% of the things placed in home file cabinets are never referenced again.

Over the years we accumulate a lot of things and most of us have a hard time parting with items which can lead to clutter. How your home looks can affect how you feel!  Many of us have our own personal style of organization, but there are times we may feel overwhelmed with a project or we have just put it off for so long, it has grown too big for us to face. Others just don’t have the time, the energy or desire to get things in place. In some cases, especially the mature adult choosing to age in place at their current home, a cluttered home can be present real safety or health issues.

There are many resources available today to help you get organized. The key is assessing what needs to be done, planning how to go about it and just getting started. This can be daunting when you face it alone, so asking a family member or friend to help out usually helps. And most important...once you get organized make sure you design a system to keep it that way!

We have found that some people just need a plan or a guiding hand to get them started.

Checklist can provide you with that needed assistance and can provide solutions to your individual organization needs. Whether it is a whole room or an individual project, we can help you navigate it or do it for you. We can help you sort through your problem areas and discard, distribute or donate those items you no longer need or want and reorganize and arrange the possessions you will keep. We can provide solutions to your storage issues and help you with a maintenance plan.

One of the primary needs for organization concerns paperwork...whether managing your mail, filing systems, or organizing important papers, we can help you.  Checklist is also certified in the organization of life documents so important to your family should an emergency arise. Would your family members know where to find these if they needed them?  Don’t wait until it is too late! Having all your information available when needed is like giving your family a gift. Emotional and stressful situations can be made even more so if you are not prepared.

If you just get started, you will feel better and be surprised how much progress you can make!

Create a list of each room to be organized and each component within the room...closet, desk, dresser drawer #1, etc. Take time each day or pick one day a week to tackle these areas. Check off your list with each area organized so you can track your progress...it’s a good feeling to cross each item off as it is completed!